Elven Wedding Portrait


Now you shall walk joined, past bliss and pain an loneliness.

May stars shine upon your path, wherever it may lead you.

(If anybody of you guys considers printing this, please contact me so I can give you the full resolution piece….)

Daniel Smith Watercolour and more Unsounded Fanart

My mother gave to me some Daniel Smith Watercolours for passing my A-levels. And they are Amazing. Especially the red and Orange are far more Vibrant than anything I got before.

I took this as an excuse to do some more Unsounded Fanart. While sketching the wedding scene (which I mainly did because I wanted to paint the characters as young, happy and wearing festive garments) the verse came to my mind

and I just had to do a companion piece.

Stock by Syccas-stock and Faestock, Characters (Mathis and Vienne Quigley) by Ashley Cope