The Tear-lakes of Celendria


Being the first of my two planned winter Larps this Year, Celendria‘s Winter Feast did not only have excellent food, but also a beautiful ceremony at dawn that symbolized Unity within the City’s different Elven People.

The Photos were taken by Wiri Pusch.

Wôn Iseul-Sung

There was this article about broken crown, a Larp I attended to. It has some really great pictures taken by Moritz Jendral, an there is even one of my character, Wôn Iseul-Sung.

I really like how it does not only represent Wôn really well, but also Makrabar culture in itself.

Autumn in Nan-Elmoth

“When autumn came, she left Nan-Elmoth behind. It was no longer home to her. Elrian was no longer a child.”

Taken by Deneriel in 2013.

Preparation for a Masquerade


This month my partner and I attended a masquerade. In preparation for the ball we build our own masks.
My mask was a Black Swan with silver details and lots of black feathers.
The mask is made of Worbla, formed on a  gypsum cast of my head. It’s coloured with acrylic paint and décor composition silver.


 My partners’s mask was also formed on a gypsum cast of his head and painted the same way as mine. The hornet on top is made of super sculpey and aluminium foil.


A Minstrel’s Dress

And done! No one will ever notice all those glass beads on the skirt…

The waistcoat alone took an eternity to make, but I am quite happy how it turned out.

EE: When we fail

Last Year after the Epic Empires I drew If we fail, inspired by a ision our characters had. This year there was no Plot-event that awesome, but instead a

a very particular scene made me grab tablet and pen – since in those moments photographers tend to be somewhere else.  But this gives me an excuse to paint.

Fanart, of sorts.

EE Indhoriel Elrian

I used Stock images of Tasastock, Null-entity and SenshiStock as pose references.

In short: During the night-time siege of the orc mine my character Elrian tried to heal another warrior, Indhoriel. And despite not being a good healer at all she barely succeeded in keeping her alive. But only minutes after this, Chaos Warriors joined the battle and attacked from behind, cutting Elrian down and leaving her to bleed to death together with the one she had tried to safe.

They both were able to come back to live at a sanctuary located in the elven camp. but not without undergoing horrors, in Elrian’s case sinking into the dephts of the sea an being dragged even deeper by cold, black fingers.

Waking in the Sanctuary, the first thing Elrian saw was Indhoriel lying next to her and she knew that this meant she had ultimately failed in healing her. Something similar already had happened one day earlier and so she was devastated with guilt. Indhoriel, while regaining consciousness tried to explain to her that while she had failed in end, what really mattered was that she had at least tried. It still took some time (and the help of another elf, Irien) until Elrian calmed down.

It was the most touching moment for me on the whole con. It was also the first time I realy cried in roleplay. Thank you so much!