Coastal cliff shooting



Every time I go hiking I end up thinking: You could do a great costume shooting, with all those beautiful mountains. So this time we packed a dress, stopped on a moor that’s right on a seaside cliff.

It was Cyranil’s first time as a photographer, and we underestimated a lot of thing. Like the wind, for example. Ever tried posing for a photo while you are literally being swept off your feet?

But then wind is awesome in photos…

This dress was made by Celefindel creations a few years back, I made her an elven battle dress in exchange. I’ve had it with me on most Larps, but since I mostly wear armour, there have been no photos until now.

Ardea Cinerea





Christmas-day shooting with my mum. This is her Larp-character Ardea Cinerea.

We made most of the costume together, though she did the embroidery.

Elrian’s Diary

Elrian’s diary is a project I started two years ago, and its original purpose was to collect  plot information the character acquired during role play conventions.

But after while I started to put in personal stuff that went through my characters head. Its purpose is now to collect both information about plot (which will be written in normal writing) and personal notes (written in Tengwar). And I am planning to make its style a mix of the current design and River Song’s Diary from Doctor who.

These are the current pages:

Elrians' Diary

First Sketchbook finished

I finished my first sketchbook about a week ago. And since I take photos of what I scribble most times, I decided to pick the nicest of them an put them in a scribble Gallery.

... in adult Sherlock's Clothes
Little Sherlock – in adult Sherlock’s Clothes

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Simple Elven Tunic

Today I finished the Satin tunic I started a few weeks ago. I have loads of robes and stuff, but I had only one basic tunic until now.

The Tunic fits me far better than the dummy, so naturally its looks a bit weird on the photo

EE: When we fail

Last Year after the Epic Empires I drew If we fail, inspired by a ision our characters had. This year there was no Plot-event that awesome, but instead a

a very particular scene made me grab tablet and pen – since in those moments photographers tend to be somewhere else.  But this gives me an excuse to paint.

Fanart, of sorts.

EE Indhoriel Elrian

I used Stock images of Tasastock, Null-entity and SenshiStock as pose references.

In short: During the night-time siege of the orc mine my character Elrian tried to heal another warrior, Indhoriel. And despite not being a good healer at all she barely succeeded in keeping her alive. But only minutes after this, Chaos Warriors joined the battle and attacked from behind, cutting Elrian down and leaving her to bleed to death together with the one she had tried to safe.

They both were able to come back to live at a sanctuary located in the elven camp. but not without undergoing horrors, in Elrian’s case sinking into the dephts of the sea an being dragged even deeper by cold, black fingers.

Waking in the Sanctuary, the first thing Elrian saw was Indhoriel lying next to her and she knew that this meant she had ultimately failed in healing her. Something similar already had happened one day earlier and so she was devastated with guilt. Indhoriel, while regaining consciousness tried to explain to her that while she had failed in end, what really mattered was that she had at least tried. It still took some time (and the help of another elf, Irien) until Elrian calmed down.

It was the most touching moment for me on the whole con. It was also the first time I realy cried in roleplay. Thank you so much!

Sewing… six days left

Four days have passed with me virtually doing nothing. Or at least nothing to finish the garments I need in August.

At least I started almost everything by now.

The first robe I started a while back (blue cotton satin), but my sewing machine suddenly decided I would take no more silver yarn… and the embroidery on the sleeves are not finished.

The lining also does not Work the Way I want it to, and so I wont finish it for the Epic Empires.


The Hood is the same one as in the Pictures taken on Carnil, but it got a new collar,a shorter sash, a pelt collar an adjustments on the hood.

Not much to do here anymore.

Kaputze WIP

Its different with the short battlerobe I stared… the main part is ready but the lining is still missing.

The rest is unfinished as well. The green sash needs a lining and the golden lace is going to be replaced with something light gray.

The colour of the robe is much darker in reality… it looks kind of weird in the photo. The fabric is also less shiny.


My new larp shield has now its final shape (and some tape) and I have started making the cover. Its going to be some work.

Schild getaped