Half-elven Hat


I made this felt hat for Ardea, my mum’s half elven larp character. Its made from wool felt and silk an she will add some embroidery later.

The Photo was taken by Daniel Schmitt during the Epic Empires 2016.

Fenja of Thannweiler


My First Larp Character was a NPC squire on a Larp called “Schattenthal”. It was set in Aventurien. Her name was Fenja of Thannweiler. I loved that hat!

This photo was taken a year later, in 2009.

Lilian’s first Costume


Although I am currently redoing the Costume of this character, I still like Lilian’s original dress. It was in fact my mother’s wedding dress, which she gave to me many years ago.

This was the very first Time I played Lilian, back in 2011.