Embroidered Rain Cloak

After last year’s very rainy Epic Empires everyone is doing new Cloaks, coat and capes.

This is mine, still a WIP and one of my larger embroidery project.


I will be adding a thin water-proof membrane between the layers of wool, and the whole cloak will be relatively stiff, with large barely visible embroidery in the front and in the back.

Armour Surcoat – Almost Done

The Armour surcoat I made for this summer’s Epic Empires quickly became one of my favourite pieces of Costume.

I have not managed to take good pictures of the finished surcoat, so here are some WIP photographs. The surcoat still lacks clasps here, and the sides are not yet closed. But all the embroidery, the leather and the lining are already finished.


Armour Surcoat


First Sketchbook finished

I finished my first sketchbook about a week ago. And since I take photos of what I scribble most times, I decided to pick the nicest of them an put them in a scribble Gallery.

... in adult Sherlock's Clothes
Little Sherlock – in adult Sherlock’s Clothes

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Sewing… six days left

Four days have passed with me virtually doing nothing. Or at least nothing to finish the garments I need in August.

At least I started almost everything by now.

The first robe I started a while back (blue cotton satin), but my sewing machine suddenly decided I would take no more silver yarn… and the embroidery on the sleeves are not finished.

The lining also does not Work the Way I want it to, and so I wont finish it for the Epic Empires.


The Hood is the same one as in the Pictures taken on Carnil, but it got a new collar,a shorter sash, a pelt collar an adjustments on the hood.

Not much to do here anymore.

Kaputze WIP

Its different with the short battlerobe I stared… the main part is ready but the lining is still missing.

The rest is unfinished as well. The green sash needs a lining and the golden lace is going to be replaced with something light gray.

The colour of the robe is much darker in reality… it looks kind of weird in the photo. The fabric is also less shiny.


My new larp shield has now its final shape (and some tape) and I have started making the cover. Its going to be some work.

Schild getaped

Carnil Photography

The first con of the Season is over, and there are some nice shots of my character Elrian:

These three Photos where taken by Daniel Schmitt, the full Gallery can be found here.

059 Elrian blog Elrian injured 024 Elrian blog

The last one was taken by Deneriel, the full Gallery can be found here.

 Elrian Carnil 4

As you can see the the new garments I made for this character are not the same style as the prior ones. The set consists of a modified Hakama, a short robe, a Cape and a kind of Scarf-hood. It looks a bit

creasy on these pictures, but is far more comfortable to wear than the tight Battledress I made two years ago.

Also, the Coat I started back in summer 2012 is almost finished… it got some nice Clasps and a woolen lining instead of fake fur, which left white fuzz all over my garments. Only the Hood is still missing.


Endlich bin ich dazu gekommen mein wohl größtes Nähprojekt in diesem Sommer weiter zu machen, ein Neuer, warmer und einigermaßen Wasserfester Mantel.

Als Anregung diente mir dieser Entwurf von Elwyn:

Entwurf von Elwyn

Als Futter verwende ich weißes Kunstfell, nur in der Kapuze echtes Kaninchenfell. Das Obermaterial soll aus gewachster Baumwolle sein.

Die Baumwolle habe ich schon vor einiger Zeit zugeschnitten und gefärbt, durch einen Fehler meinerseits sind die Schnittteile nicht grau sondern taubenblau geworden. Auch das Kunstfell liegt zugeschnitten in der to-do-Kiste.

Heute habe ich mich ans wachsen der Schnittteile gemacht, das Fjällräven-Wachs das ich bestellt habe lässt dich gut verteilen aber wird nicht ausreichen um den ganzen Mantel zu wachsen, da werde ich nachbestellen müssen.

Als nächstes habe ich mich ans Sticken gewagt, zunächst habe ich die Ornamente mit Wasserlöslichem Filzstift auf den Stoff gemalt, danach mit der Maschine in sehr engem Zickzack nachgenäht.

Und hier das fertige Ergebnis, ungebügelt, ungewaschen, ungewachst:

Und es sind noch fünf weitere Teile zu besticken…