Embroidered Rain Cloak

After last year’s very rainy Epic Empires everyone is doing new Cloaks, coat and capes.

This is mine, still a WIP and one of my larger embroidery project.


I will be adding a thin water-proof membrane between the layers of wool, and the whole cloak will be relatively stiff, with large barely visible embroidery in the front and in the back.

Mage Robes in Progress

magerobe front

magerobe side

magerobe back

I have started piecing together the mage robes I have been working on.
The lining is still missing, and it does really not fit my mannequin, but
you can already see where this is going.

Look here for the concept and details of the embroidery work:


Autumn in Nan-Elmoth

“When autumn came, she left Nan-Elmoth behind. It was no longer home to her. Elrian was no longer a child.”

Taken by Deneriel in 2013.

Carnil Photography

The first con of the Season is over, and there are some nice shots of my character Elrian:

These three Photos where taken by Daniel Schmitt, the full Gallery can be found here.

059 Elrian blog Elrian injured 024 Elrian blog

The last one was taken by Deneriel, the full Gallery can be found here.

 Elrian Carnil 4

As you can see the the new garments I made for this character are not the same style as the prior ones. The set consists of a modified Hakama, a short robe, a Cape and a kind of Scarf-hood. It looks a bit

creasy on these pictures, but is far more comfortable to wear than the tight Battledress I made two years ago.

Also, the Coat I started back in summer 2012 is almost finished… it got some nice Clasps and a woolen lining instead of fake fur, which left white fuzz all over my garments. Only the Hood is still missing.