Princess Zelda

Zelda in Badass

While sorting through my WIP Folder I found this old design sketch for princess Zelda in a Link-Style of Attire.


Elven Bust

I made this maquette while planning my helmet. After the helmet was finished I repaired and finished the maquette, adding Hair and more pieces of armour. I wanted to create an antique silver finish, so I first applied a special silver paint and then several layers of acrylic paint.

The maquette is made of polymer clay with an aluminium core. It’s height is 9.5 cm.

Nerwen is Galadriel’s mother name. It’s meaning is “man-maiden”. I really like the Idea that Galadriel was quite the warrior in her youth and only grew into her serene self much later.


…Unless you fight!

I was just going to print this quote and add it to my motivational wall.
But then I thought, hell, let’s do it properly and paint something to pin it to my wall.
So here is Mikasa being awesome.

The Last Promise

Lavellan last promise2

I worked on this while waiting for Trespasser.

Lavellan is dying and Solas returns for her in the end.

Not really finished, and not really compatible with Trespasser, but here it is.

Elrian’s Diary: Sindarin Songs



I still haven’t started working on the Luinil pages, so here are the pages I did before the Larp.
These are songs in Sindarin, the first being “The Fall of Gil-Galad”.
I took the translation by Ryszard Derdzinski from and the melody my father made years ago.

The second one is a compilation from all the A Elbereth Gilthoniel stanzas from both the books and the movies. Some of them I edited to fit the four-line pattern.

Testing my Camera


My new camera arrived a few days ago and I am busy familiarising myself with it.
And since my Riza Hawkeye tattoo shirt arrived today I decided to do a self portrait.

Warden Commander Mahariel

Mahariel_01 Mahariel_02

Today I started another Tarot Card, this time my Dalish Warden, Mahariel of Clan Sabrae.
These are two wip’s showing some progress. Lots of photo bashing so far. Still a long way to go, though.