…Unless you fight!

I was just going to print this quote and add it to my motivational wall. But then I thought, hell, let’s do it properly and paint something to pin it to my wall. So here is Mikasa being awesome.

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Planning further ahead

With the warm robes for my mage character almost done I have started to plan the rest of the costume. I have acquired a nice vougue pattern I will use for this project. Fort the robes I plan to work with paint and stencils as well as embroidery. Both will be mostly tone in tone […]

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Orlesian style Masquerade Gown

I made this gown for a masquerade last winter. I fell totally in love with the Orlesian gowns from Dragon Age Inquisition, So I tried my own interpretation. At the ball I played a one-shot character, but I am going to use this gown for my mage, Ambra Ymris. The Photos were taken by Moritz […]

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