Sewing… six days left

Four days have passed with me virtually doing nothing. Or at least nothing to finish the garments I need in August.

At least I started almost everything by now.

The first robe I started a while back (blue cotton satin), but my sewing machine suddenly decided I would take no more silver yarn… and the embroidery on the sleeves are not finished.

The lining also does not Work the Way I want it to, and so I wont finish it for the Epic Empires.


The Hood is the same one as in the Pictures taken on Carnil, but it got a new collar,a shorter sash, a pelt collar an adjustments on the hood.

Not much to do here anymore.

Kaputze WIP

Its different with the short battlerobe I stared… the main part is ready but the lining is still missing.

The rest is unfinished as well. The green sash needs a lining and the golden lace is going to be replaced with something light gray.

The colour of the robe is much darker in reality… it looks kind of weird in the photo. The fabric is also less shiny.


My new larp shield has now its final shape (and some tape) and I have started making the cover. Its going to be some work.

Schild getaped

Epic Empires Preparations

The Epic Empires Larp Convention is starting in about three weeks and I have effectively ten days left for preparations. And a range of Misty Mountains of work to do.

Most importantly, I need another short robe, since they are usually full of dirt an fake blood by the end of the day.

I also want to line my Velvet cape and embroider some things. But save for a bottle, which really needs a pouch to hide its stripe-pattern these are optional.

Today I started to build a sheath for my larp sword, but I do not know whether I will finish it in time.

On the other hand, most of my calligraphy stuff is done and the Folder, which I promised to build is almost finished as well.

Mappe EE

Elven Armour

blog Elrian Portrait 4

blog Elrian Portrait 2

blog Elrian Portrait

blog Elrian Portrait 3

Today Nuryia an I took another try to get some nice Photos, this time in scale armour.

It weights about 10 kilo in total, both helmet and plated shoulders are missing as well as leather bracers an gloves.

The garment consists of a short robe, a modified hakama and a cape. It is far from finished.

Shooting at dusk

Today a friend an I went out to take some photos, and we were quite late it was already getting dark when we started shooting.

Still, she managed to take a few nice photos before it got too dark (and before I got eaten by mosquitoes).

Photos taken by Nuriya.

Carnil Photography

The first con of the Season is over, and there are some nice shots of my character Elrian:

These three Photos where taken by Daniel Schmitt, the full Gallery can be found here.

059 Elrian blog Elrian injured 024 Elrian blog

The last one was taken by Deneriel, the full Gallery can be found here.

 Elrian Carnil 4

As you can see the the new garments I made for this character are not the same style as the prior ones. The set consists of a modified Hakama, a short robe, a Cape and a kind of Scarf-hood. It looks a bit

creasy on these pictures, but is far more comfortable to wear than the tight Battledress I made two years ago.

Also, the Coat I started back in summer 2012 is almost finished… it got some nice Clasps and a woolen lining instead of fake fur, which left white fuzz all over my garments. Only the Hood is still missing.